Social Media Content

Here’s a selection of Social Media Content that I have produced for various brands and companies.


Square 1:1 Images meant to be used as Instagram posts on a users timeline. We create the content for our clients so they can spend more time focused on their business.


Most images from Instagram can easily be reposted or shared to Facebook. However, Facebook does require different formats such as page covers.


Instagram and Facebook stories have been very popular recently, which is why big brands are pushing this vertical format. This format as it is the best way to view content on mobile.

Instagram Posts

I have been in control of Tootels‘ Instagram Account since the beginning of 2019. I go in-store and take out photos of their products to post on Instagram and Facebook.

Visit Tootels Instagram profile for More images.

All Instagram posts are also shared over to Tootels’ Facebook Page. This is a page that I effectively manage on a daily basis. I reply to customer comments and messages on the stores behalf.

Body Beyond Birth


Social Media Posts

I created various posts for a firm that focuses on Pregnancy Pilates. This company has a tremendous attention to detail and prefers that all work is created according to their brand guidlines.