Previous Flyer and Poster Designs

You will find a selection of content that I have created from scratch for my clients.


Various Flyers made specificly for viewing on mobile smartphones. These digital flyers can easily be messaged to clients or shared on Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Social Media Posts

I create content from scratch for use on social media accounts. This can be Quotes, Memes, and Inforgraphics, to name a few. Content is made according to client’s needs.

TV & Newspaper

I create regular still images advertising various promos and products in the 16:9 aspect ratio (to be viewed on a TV slideshow). I also design Newspaper Ads.


I held a social media competition for Tootels in December 2018. Winner gets a Huawei Mate 20 Lite. Participants must follow Tootels on Facebook and Instagram while tagging 2 friends.


The image was used for Instagram and Facebook Stories and was also delivered to recipients over Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps. This flyer design was optimized for mobile smartphone viewing.


Instagram grew from 200 followers to 1000, Facebook followers grew from 4500 to 6000.

Additional flyers

More flyers were made in this format (see below) to send out to mobile customers. This format allows customers to view every detail of the flyer clearly without zooming in.