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Advanced Online Marketing

Increasing Online Presence Through Digital Media

My History

Hi, I am Jameel, a Freelance Marketer and Social Media Manager based in Durban’s North Coast in South Africa. I have always had a passion for Marketing, Music, Art, Technology, Web Design, Writing, and Social Media. However, I spent most of my life working in Administration and as a Bookkeeper, which unfortunately kept me away from my dreams.
Over the course of the last few years, I have decided to take a stand by leaving the office and stepping into the creative world that I cherish. I am in the process of building a business than can serve small to medium sized businesses with their online and digital marketing needs. I plan on keeping my rates low so that my clients can easily transition over to their new digital space.

Why choose Me?

I always try to maintain the highest level of quality in my designs.

I am easy to work with and I always plan to over deliver with the hopes of maintaining a long lasting relationship that can benefit both the client and myself.

I am always willing to take on the sort of projects that will assist me in gaining new knowledge and expertise.

I live a simple lifestyle that consists of just my family and my Xbox. I’m not looking to get rich quick, instead i would rather build lasting relationships through affordable services

I have been working with Social Networks & Websites since 2007 and I have over a decade of experience in Financial Management. 

I previously studied BCOM Marketing at the University of South Africa. Most recently obtained a Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing from Shaw Academy, and studied the Advanced Marketing Course through neilpatel.com

How can I help you?

My staff and I are ready to assist you with improving the quality of your business’ digital media and marketing


Any form of design is possible and is offered on multiple formats such as Mobile, Website, and Print Media.


All websites built on a custom WordPress platform. I can further develop a sales process for your website.


Covering all areas of Digital Marketing, such as, Website, Email, and Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Management

Full-on social media management services that include creating content and posts, responding to comments and messages.


Fully functional Online Store for your products or services. I can also assist you in launching and managing the store.

Consultation Services

Affordable consultation from an experienced freelance who can help you to boost your business' marketing strategy.

Talk To Me

Fill in the form if and I will get back to you with any additional information you require.

Ask me anything and I will be more than happy to assist you. I can also assist you for free by researching your market and providing you with advice thereafter.

I am passionate about online and digital marketing and I am always willing to learn and find out more ways to approach different markets.

Would you like to start a project with me?

Please contact me if you are interested in getting your business online for a reasonable rate.
Email - jamzhouse@gmail.com